Hi guys! I haven’t been around for a while because I’ve had a bit of drama in my life in which my house burned down taking everything I owned with it :( so I have nothing anymore, which, you know, kind of sucks. I don’t have a computer anymore, which is why I haven’t been on.
My family and I are slowly trying to rebuild our lives and would be grateful for anything you guys would be willing to spare to donate to us. We have a gofundme going on here http://www.gofundme.com/fsjsto (I don’t know if that linked cuz I’m on my phone sry) and I have a donate button on my blog if you guys want to



have you ever just

stopped whatever you were doing

to look at an english word and

“you look like a fake word”






are you ever so involved in your own little world you actually forget most people are actually offended by things like nudity and certain clothes and body types and sexual orientations



19,999 crimes solved


19,999 crimes solved

Gavin laughing, facepalming and being dumbfounded by his own stupidness in Worms Revolution Part 4. (x)


I will never get over how young and adorable they both look in this readthrough. They look like college students who just woke for an early lecture.


if it’s the sort of thing you would think of when casting a patronus charm then it’s not a waste of time


"We have a situation here."


Trying to get back at drawing and stuff yo